Greetings from the Dean of Graduate Studies

Dear students,

Graduate studies are an opportunity to explore a new path, develop you career potential and work to improve the world in which we live.

At the Graduate Studies Authority, our goal is to promote and support master and PhD students and post-doctoral fellows in different fields of study to encourage research excellence and contribute significantly to society.

At the University of Haifa, we established the Bloom School for Graduate Studies in order to provide an ideal learning environment focused on your success.

Bloom School was established to help pave the way for building your academic and professional career through a training program.

The training program will accompany research students in their academic journey towards becoming leading researchers in their field and will support their academic and professional development. This, with the long-term goal of establishing intellectual leadership academic reserve with broad thinking.

This supportive academic program for the training of researchers will address both aspects of knowledge acquisition as well as soft skills required for research. It will encourage a sense of belonging to a university-wide community of researchers that will allow fruitful interdisciplinary academic dialogue and mutual fertilization.

As graduate students, you are faced with challenging and satisfying years ahead of you as you march forward in a fascinating academic environment, working alongside excellent researchers who will contribute to the expansion of knowledge, promote discoveries and make an original and substantial contribution to your discipline.

The Authority’s staff handles with professionalism and dedication a variety of activities whose purpose is establishing the relationship with the departments and faculties, promoting new initiatives and curricula for their approval by the Council for Higher Education. We are providing ongoing and up-to-date information to the faculty and students, about processes, scholarships and support in a way that enables a positive and continuous completion of the studied degree.

The doctoral student team (Haifa Grad Team) is a platform for encouraging our student’s research reserve. Among the goals of the team are the following: encouraging and fostering academic excellence, positioning research students as academic reserves for research institutions in Israel and around the world, and for key positions outside the academy. Importantly, initiating projects to strengthen the relationship with the community (‘PhD students on the bar’) and fostering leadership and unit pride among young researchers at the University of Haifa.

I recommend that you use every resource that the university has to offer. Use your time here to work hard, have fun and change the world!


Prof. Irit Akirav

Dean of the Graduate Studies Authority

Head of Bloom Graduate School