The Bloom Graduate School Researcher Development Program

The Bloom Graduate School at the University of Haifa aspires to provide an academic platform that promotes the excellence of our most valuable asset – our graduate research students. The school aims at fostering future academic and professional leaders who possess deep and broad expertise in their chosen fields, who are creative thinkers that challenge convention and dare to cross disciplinary boundaries by asking challenging questions and articulating new perspectives.

The program offers you an up-to-date, wide range of academic and experiential sessions to help gain the skills needed to carry out research professionally and effectively and to support ongoing career.

The program, held in English is organized around flexible curricular modules, not bounded by a particular discipline or approach, but rather aim to widen your views and perspectives of science and society through a combination of intellectual discussions and eclectic hands-on sessions in a variety of content areas.

The program is open to all post-doctoral and doctoral researchers (years 1-4 in the regular track, years 1-5 in the direct track) and sits alongside the subject-specific training based in your own Department/School.

Ph.D Student from 2024: Please note that attendance at two sessions of the training program is a mandatory request to proceed to the second year of your studies.

You may complete 12 sessions in the training program which will grant you 2 hours of credit subject to graduation in the normative time period as defined in the Ph.D. studies regulations (4 years in the regular track and five years in the direct track) and pending approval of the supervisor and the departmental Ph.D. committee.

For further information and registration please contact: Ms. Anat Davidi at

Research Development program Brochures: