Master’s Degree Programs:

Faculty of Humanities

Fine Arts
General (Western) History
Middle East History
Jewish History
Jewish Philosophy
Land of Israel Studies
Hebrew Language
Biblical Studies
Hebrew and Comparative Literature
Maritime Civilizations
English Language and Literature
Arabic Language and Literature
French Language and Literature
Art History

Faculty of Social Sciences

School of Political Sciences
School of Management
Geography and Environmental Studies
Computer Sciences
Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Sociology and Anthropology

Faculty of Sciences and Science Education

Evolutionary and Environmental Biology
Neurobiology and Ethology

Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences

School of Public Health
School of Social Work
Occupational Therapy
Community Mental Health
Human Services

Faculty of Education

Department of Learning, Teaching and Supervision
Department of Counseling and Human Development
Department of Special Education
Department of Leadership and Policy in Education

Faculty of Law



Faculty of Management

Department of Business Administration
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Department of Information and Knowledge


International Programs in English

Archaeology (MA)
Diplomacy Studies (MA)
Education & Development In Early Childhood (MA)
Global Health Leadership (MPH)
Holocaust Studies (MA)
International Relations (Dual degree with Warsaw University)
Israel Studies (MA)
Jewish Thought (MA)
Marine Biology (MSc)
Marine Geosciences (MSc)
Maritime Civilizations (MA)
Sustainability (MBA)
Technology Management (MBA)
Modern German and European Studies (MA)
National Security Studies (MA)
Peace and Conflict Management (MA)
Public Management and Policy Studies (MPA)
Statistics – Data Science (MSc)