Ph.D. Programs

Studies leading to a Ph.D in the following Faculties, Schools, and Departments:

Faculty of Humanities
General History
Middle East History
Jewish History
Land of Israel Studies
Hebrew Language
Biblical Studies
Hebrew and Comparative Literature
Maritime Civilizations
English Language and Literature
Arabic Language and Literature
Asian Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences
School of Political Science
Geography and Environmental Studies
Sociology and Anthropology
Information systems

Faculty of Natural Sciences
Sagol Department of Neurobiology
Human Biology
Marine Geosciences
Marine Biology

Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences
School of Social Work
School of Public Health
Occupational Therapy
Cheryl Spencer Department of Nursing
Community Mental Health

Faculty of Education
Mathematics Education
Learning Disabilities
Learning, Instruction and Teaching
Special Education.
Leadership and Policy in Education

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Management
Business Administration
Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Information and Knoledge Management

The University Committee for Research Students

In special cases, a request may be submitted for acceptance to Ph.D studies in areas in which there are no departmental studies  or in interdisciplinary areas. The request should be submitted directly to the Graduate Studies Authority. The overall University Committee for Research Students, serving in such cases as a departmental Ph.D. committee, is authorized to approve the acceptance of applicants to this track, the Ph.D. dissertation advisor(s), the course of studies and research, the referees for the dissertation, and the candidate’s entitlement to the degree. (See acceptance criteria and registration procedure below.)