Direct Ph.D. Track – President’s Scholarship

This track is intended for outstanding students who wish to pursue their studies from the B.A, to the Ph.D., and the department considers them worthy candidates for doctoral studies.

The scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis following recommendations and according to the number of scholarships allocated to each department, subject to criteria to be determined from time to time and in accordance with the University’s budgetary possibilities.
Candidates for the scholarship are obligated to devote full time to study and research, and can not work outside the University and/or beyond permission for partial work as determined by the Dean of Graduate Studies while fulfilling the rest of the terms for this scholarship.

The amount of the President’s Scholarship will be set in advance every year in accordance with budgetary possibilities.

The student will submit an application for the scholarship each year in the track.  The application form will be submitted to the department in which the student is registered.
In the framework of the University Committee for Research Students will submit the application directly to the Scholarship and Support Section of the Graduate Studies Authority.

The number of students in this track awarded these scholarships will be determined every year.

A student in this track is entitled to the scholarship for up to four years.

The deadline for submitting application forms will be published every year.

The full criteria and selection procedure may be found in the Scholarship Regulations.