Scholarships for Ph.D. Candidates

The University of Haifa is committed to advancing graduate studies. In the framework of this policy, the University strives to widen the array of scholarships given to graduate students. The Graduate Studies Authority has been developing a diversified “support basket” intended for outstanding students who demonstrate a commitment to research and are ready to invest full time in their research.

Entitlement to a scholarship is determined by excellence, academic achievements, academic and administrative good standing, and progress in studies. Students must satisfy the criteria that appear in the Scholarship Regulations, receive the department’s recommendation, and obtain the approval of the Graduate Studies Authority.

There may be changes in the criteria for awarding the various scholarships from year to year, and they will be published in advance. Scholarships for Ph.D. candidates will be awarded for a period not exceeding three years from the beginning of the candidate’s studies.

Head of PhD Scholarships and Aid Section

Ms. Anat Abutbul
Tel.: 04-8240189 (Internal: 2189)
Eshkol Tower, 25th floor, room 2504