Article/ Chapter/ Book Publication Scholarship 

A research student will be entitled to a scholarship for publication, if he/she submits for publication a scholarly/professional book or a chapter of a scholarly/professional book or a scholarly/professional article to a refereed, well-known journal.

The scholarship is intended for 1st-4th-year research students and for Direct PhD track students of years first to fifth.

A student is entitled to this scholarship once per academic year, regardless of the number of articles which he authored/ co-authored at the same year.

The amount of the scholarship will be determined in advance every year in accordance with budgetary possibilities.

Scholarship applications are to be submitted after the article/ chapter/ book is published and be accompanied by a copy of the publication’s first page and a link to its webpage (if available).

Every academic year an updated time frame for submission of applications will be published. 

Applicants can view the criteria which apply to this scholarship in the complete PhD Scholarship Regulations.