The Graduate Studies Authority is responsible for handling all types of scholarships for graduate students. Scholarships in accordance with a variety of criteria are composed of both internal financing and external funds. The Graduate Studies Authority circulates information about scholarships to M.A. and Ph.D. students, as well as to academic and administrative bodies, publicizing it in (newspapers, catalogues, bulletin boards, and the Internet).
Publication channels are determined by the Graduate Studies Authority according to the kind of scholarship and the subject. Every publication of a scholarship details the procedure for applying for it and contains questions and answers, such as for whom is the scholarship intended, criteria, amount, deadlines, who is authorized to recommend students, to discuss requests, and to approve scholarship awards.

Every scholarship is granted following a meticulous check of the candidate’s academic standing and whether the student meets the criteria for the type of scholarship, and depending on the budgetary possibilities of the institution. The Scholarship and Support Section of the Graduate Studies Authority handles the routing, documentation, and allocation of scholarships.

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