Registration for the Master Degree

Registration for the Master degree takes place on the dates published by the University in the media. Applicants for M.A. studies will fill out a registration form, stating the department in which they request to continue their studies. The Students Administration Division will transmit the registration form, along with the candidate’s file, to the departmental secretariat for a discussion of the candidate’s ecceptance. 
The file will be transferred back to the Students Administration Division, which will send out a notice of acceptance or rejection.

For all study tracks, the applicant’s file will include the following:

  • Registration form.
  • Final grades for the Bachelor’s degree.
  • Certified grade transcript for the Bachelor’s degree.
  • Grade transcripts for additional academic studies.
  • Acceptance recommendation from the Departmental M.A. Committee and the signature of the department chairperson and the chair of the M.A. Committee on the terms of acceptance (the decision form).

Some departments have additional requirements, such as an entrance examination, personal questionnaire, personal interview, work experience, recommendation letters, and any other requirement that will assist the department in deciding on the acceptance of a candidate.  The decision to reject applicants lies with the department. In case of a rejection, the decision will be conveyed directly to the Students Administration Division, which will send out the rejection notification.

Hebrew Examination

Candidates who hold a B.A. degree from an accredited institution of higher education whose language of instruction is other than Hebrew must pass an examination testing the candidate’s knowledge of Hebrew at a level required by the University. Each department will determine whether students will take this examination as a prerequisite for acceptance or whether they will take it during the course of their studies as a condition of their entitlement to a degree. Candidates who graduated from high schools whose language of instruction is Hebrew or candidates who wish to study in the Department of English Language and Literature or French Language and Literature are exempt from this examination.

Graduates of Universities Abroad

Candidates for the Master’s degree who are graduates of accredited universities abroad or of universities with branches in Israel that operate with the approval of the Council for Higher Education must choose one of the following options as one of the terms of acceptance for studies:

1] Passing the general GRE (Graduate Record Examination) with at least a 70% score in each of its three components  The candidate will attach the results of the GRE to the registration kit, as well as the confirmation from the Council for Higher Education with regard to the foreign university’s operation in Israel (if the candidate is a graduate of that branch). After receipt these documents, the candidate’s file will be transmitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies, upon whose approval for continuing the acceptance process, the file will be conveyed to the departmental committees.

2] Presenting candidacy for supplementary studies toward the Master’s degree (in the B.A. framework) and completing at least four courses at a scope of 16 weekly semester hours with an average score of at least 80. One of the courses will be at level 3 and require writing a seminar paper.
If the departmental committee recommends accepting the candidate to this track, the student’s file, along with the confirmation by the Council for Higher Education with regard to the operation of the branch of the foreign university in Israel, will be passed on to the Dean of Graduate Studies for approval. In addition, the file will include an appendix to the acceptance notification specifying the scope of the required course of study, the name of the courses, and the grade to be attained. Upon completing all supplementary studies, the student will re-register and present his/her candidacy for a Master degree in Track B.
Applicants for an M.A. in Track A (with a thesis) will be required to pass the GRE. Any deviation from these regulations requires the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.
Documents of applicants holding a degree from the States of the former Soviet Union will be presented to an academic committee that operates on behalf of the Dean of Graduate Studies, and it will decide on the acceptance procedures.