Scholarship for Excellence in Studies

Scholarships are awarded to Master’s degree students who meet academic and administrative criteria, based on their academic achievements and in accordance with the following specifications:

Second-year students: Scholarships will be awarded only to outstanding second-year students in the track thesis according to academic criteria for excellence in studies. The students will be identified, recommended, and ranked by the department on a competitive basis, and their names forwarded for approval to the Graduate Studies Authority subject to criteria to be determined from time to time and depending on the University’s budgetary opportunities.

The scholarship will be issued in one payments – each payment conditional on the student's academic and standing and according to the terms of the scholarship.

Third-year students: Are not entitled to excellence in studies scholarships.

The deadline for academic eligibility for these scholarships will be published every year. The full criteria and selection procedure may be found in the Scholarship Regulations.

  • מלגות מקרנות חיצוניות תואר שני
  • מלגות מקרנות חיצוניות דוקטורט
  • מלגות מקרנות חיצוניות בתר דוקטורט
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  • C2
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