University Committee for Research Students

The University Committee for Research Students discusses and decides on various issues concerning the acceptance of candidates for doctoral studies in an interdisciplinary framework or, alternately, in a distinct discipline that is not yet anchored in departmental doctoral program.  This applies, as well, to the approval of dissertation advisors, members of the advisory committee, the candidate’s course of study and research, dissertation referees, and approval of Ph.D. degree.
The composition of the University Committee for Research Students is as follows: the Dean of Graduate Studies, who serves as chair; and faculty members at the rank of full professor, who are appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies
The Committee is divided into two subcommittees: Subcommittee for the Humanities and Social Sciences and Subcommittee for the Sciences.  Faculty members from the relevant fields are appointed to each subcommittee.
The legal quorum required for a meeting of the Committee is a minimum of three present members.
The Ph.D. Studies Coordinator in the Graduate Studies Authority manages the work of the University Committee for Research Students.

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