Greetings from the Dean of Graduate Studies

Welcome to the Graduate Studies Authority site.
The Graduate Studies Authority plays a central role in realizing the University's vision of enhancing academic excellence and student success, by offering academic assistance to Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral students. We are responsible for more than half of the population of students at the university, who are actively engaged in graduate and postgraduate studies.
Our mission is to provide an inclusive and supportive academic curricular framework for students and faculties. This includes, amongst many other activities conducted by our professional and committed staff, promoting collaborations within and across faculties, assessing and launching innovative academic programs approved by the Council for Higher Education, and providing on-going information about scholarships, awards and possibilities available for graduate students. Over the past three years, we have instituted exciting initiatives to support graduate students in their academic journey through numerous special events and gatherings. You will find detailed information about these activities and many more in our site.

We have also established The Haifa Grad Team which is a cohort of the University's outstanding doctoral students who take part in numerous activities to promote the development of learning spaces for all graduate students. These activities include conferences and workshops to enhance academic skills, preparing presentations for scientific conferences, writing research articles, submitting research grants and career management for personal and professional development. The Haifa Grad Team also sets as a mission to play an active role in the wider community by accessing and disseminating graduate students’ research projects in pubs and community centers throughout Haifa.
As Dean of Graduate Studies, I am honored and challenged to take an active role in the leadership of this wonderful multicultural community of students, scholars, researchers and professionals, in a joint endeavor towards further enhancement of academic excellence, professionalism, leadership and innovation, both nationally and internationally.
You are invited to learn more about us and how we can assist you to make your studies a rewarding, relevant and successful learning journey.

Prof. Lily Orland-Barak
Dean of Graduate Studies Authority

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